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Compare ACS Financials to Realm Accounting.

See for yourself how Realm Accounting is designed specifically for churches. With fund accounting and a full integration with Realm Contributions, your financial team will thank you for equipping them with better tools for their ministry.


Don't start over from square one.

Like most churches, you have many funds for your various ministries and outreach efforts. And while ACS Financials allowed you to track the money behind those ministries, Realm Accounting goes deeper by providing true fund accounting with account segments for you to track even greater details.

But we don’t want you to start all of your financial processes over from scratch. We will transition your chart of accounts, budgets, general ledger transactions, and vendor lists from ACS to Realm. This includes bank accounts, funds, departments, committees, area 1, area 2, projects, and invoices. 

For a detailed Mapping Guide on Financials, check with your Implementation Specialist.