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Compare Contributions in ACS and Realm.

You would more than likely agree with thousands of our other ministry partners in saying that going from manual input to using ACS Contributions was a huge step up. But wait until you see Realm Contributions! 


You can trust us with your giving history.

We understand how vital giving is to your church. We also know that your members expect you to hold their giving history as well as their current giving transactions safely and securely. And we do just that.

Your contribution information for up to the last 10 years can transition with you to Realm Contributions. This means your staff and members can access that giving history at any time.

Wait...did we say your members can see their giving history?

That’s right! Once you upgrade to Realm, you can give your members access to their own profiles allowing them to see their giving history. They can also view their current and past pledges, set up new pledges, see or set up recurring giving, or make new gifts.

And remember all those year-end statements you run each year and print to mail to your members? With Realm Contributions, your members can view and print their own statements or you can choose to send them through email to save time and money. Of course, printing and mailing them is still an option.

For a detailed Mapping Guide on Contributions, check with your Implementation Specialist.